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The Weedwakka was invented by Peter Thorne in the early 1990s simply out of frustration with using nylon cord. He was equally unimpressed with the steel blade that was supplied with his new brushcutter, and he figured that there had to be a better way. Peter's small engineering company in Gundaroo, just outside Canberra, soon made a dramatic change of direction as he entered full time Weedwakka development and production.

The design evolved through a number of different models until the current Heavy Duty model was born. This proved to be a robust and effective cutter of all types of weeds, and was soon followed by the MultiCut Weedwakka as the long awaited alternative to the dreaded nylon cord.

Peter's inventions were taken to the Geneva Inventions Expo, back in 1998. The Weedwakka won the Gold Medal in the Agricultural category, proving that Aussie enginuity could cut it on the world stage.

Today, Weedwakka remains a proudly Australian family business. Peter's son David now runs the company, as Peter now prefers to play with his boat than make Weedwakkas. 



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