Which Weedwakka do I need?  

For tall grass and woody weeds such as blackberry and sucker regrowth, and for cutting vegetation on rough, rocky ground, the Heavy Duty is best. For cutting grass along brick edges, fences and around trees, and for general back yard use, the MultiCut is the go. In general, the Heavy Duty replaces conventional steel blades, and the MultiCut replaces nylon cord.


Can I fit the Weedwakka to a bent shaft whipper snipper?

No. Bent shaft whippersnippers are only designed for nylon cord heads, whereas straight shaft brushcutters are designed to also take steel or plastic blades. The Weedwakka is fitted in exactly the same way as any other blade, using a mounting that is the same on virtually all straight shaft brushcutters. 


What happens if I hit a rock?  

The articulated blades of the Weedwakka will deflect if a solid object is struck, reducing kick back and the shock on the brushcutter. Compared to a normal steel blade, using the Heavy Duty in rocky country is a far more pleasant experience.  

The MultiCut blades are also designed to deflect if a rock is hit. While we use the toughest grade of nylon we can, the MultiCut blades will obviously not stand up to the punishment of the steel Heavy Duty blades. So if you are swinging the brushcutter around in rocky ground, use the Heavy Duty. The clearly visible nature of the spinning MultiCut blades does however make the MultiCut easy to control when cutting along the face of a rock, so they are ideal for trimming grass along garden edges.


Can I put the MultiCut blades on the Heavy Duty?  

No. The MultiCut blades use a slotted key system of attachment, while the Heavy Duty blades are permanently riveted in place. If you have both Weedwakka models however, it is a very quick and easy procedure to change from one to the other. You may wish to use the MultiCut along edges around the house and the fruit trees, then change over to the Heavy Duty to clear blackberry in the paddock.


How long will a Weedwakka last?  

This will of course depend on how it is used, but the Heavy Duty is a robust tool that will last most people for many years. Typically we would expect at least 2-4 years of regular use, but we are often surprised by customers at field days who tell us they are still happily using their mark 1 Heavy Duty, which must now be at least 18 years old!  

A pack of 6 MultiCut blades would typically last most users for around 12 months, but if you are a serious user, we have bulk packs of 50 blades. The MultiCut unit itself will eventually wear out, but only after many years of use. 


Where can I buy replacement MultiCut blades?  

Apart from purchasing on line or by phone, Weedwakka products are available from lawnmower shops and agricultural stores around Australia. We also attend Agricultural Field Days around the country.


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