The Weedwakka is fitted to a straight shaft brushcutter in exactly the same way as a conventional steel or plastic blade. 


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To remove the nylon cord head from your brushcutter:


  1. Insert the pin provided with your brushcutter (an allen key or nail will work just as well) into the hole in the side or back of the gearbox hub, and rotate the nylon cord head until it engages with the pin.
  2. Continue rotating the head in a clockwise direction (left hand thread) until it comes off. If the nylon cord head has never been removed before, the blade clamping washer will generally be found beneath it. Lift the washer off to reveal the blade mounting spigot below.


To attach the Weedwakka to your brushcutter:


  1. Place the Weedwakka onto the spigot of the brushcutter. In the case of the MultiCut make sure the 'This side towards gearbox' sticker is in the direction of the gearbox. The Heavy Duty model is symmetrical, and can go either way up.
    Most brushcutters are fitted with a 25mm spigot on to which the Weedwakka can be directly attached. A small number of brushcutter models instead have a 20mm spigot, and if you try to sit the Weedwakka onto one of these, the Weedwakka will be a very loose fit. If this is the case, insert the spacing bush provided between the Weedwakka and the spigot.

  2. Fit the clamping washer over the Weedwakka, and tighten the locking nut onto the shaft. The nut needs to be tightened in an anti clockwise direction, as it is a left hand thread.  


Straight shaft brushcutters that are designed to take a blade should all be supplied with a locking nut and clamping washer as original equipment. If you do not have the nut and washer for your brushcutter, they should be readily available from any lawnmower shop at little cost.  



To remove a MultiCut blade:








  1. Hold the MultiCut at the outer rivet, and rotate the blade so that the 'D' washer and the 'D' shaped end of the blade line up (fig 1).
  2. Push firmly against the end of the blade until the blade releases from the MultiCut.
  3. To fit a new blade, reverse this procedure (fig 2).
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