The WEEKWAKKA Heavy Duty provides outstanding cutting performance, and is ideal for clearing everything from fine grass to tussock, blackberry, lantana and tree saplings up to thumb thickness. The hardened steel blades cut cleanly and efficiently, and never require sharpening.

Unlike a conventional steel blade, the double articulated blades of the Heavy Duty deflect if a solid object is struck, which greatly reduces kickback, and is kinder on the brushcutter and its operator. The ability to deflect also makes the blades much less prone to tangling than rigid blades, further reducing down time. These features combine to make the Heavy Duty the ideal tool for clearing a wide range of vegetation on rough, rocky ground.











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The price shown includes GST for sales within Australia. Postage within Australia is $10.00 in total, which covers the shipment of more than one Weedwakka item. Orders are sent by Australia Post.

International sales do not incur the 10% GST, and international postage is $30.00.

We are not able to supply Weedwakka products to North America.

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The Heavy Duty Weedwakka is a great alternative to conventional steel blades. More efficient cutting, maintenance free, and forgiving, the Heavy Duty will make clearing weeds so much easier.


Price:   $55.00