The WEEDWAKKA MultiCut out performs nylon cord in every way. Unlike nylon cord which breaks frequently and requires constant attention, the MultiCut’s tough, durable nylon blades cut cleanly for hour after hour, and can then be replaced in seconds without any tools.

The MultiCut will effectively cut through thick, wet grass that no nylon cord could handle. The double articulated link allows the blade to deflect, causing excess grass build up to be thrown.

The rotating blades of the MultiCut form a clearly visible white disk, which is easy to control around rockeries, paths and fences. It is easy to ringbark a tree with nylon cord, but the rounded tip of the MultiCut blade, combined with this excellent visibility, allows the user to gently contact the bark of a tree without causing damage, making the MultiCut the perfect tool for clearing vegetation in orchards and plantations.










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Weedwakka MultiCut












MultiCut Replacement Blade 6 Pack  












MultiCut Replacement Blade 50 Pack    










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The MultiCut Weedwakka is the ideal alternative to nylon cord. Efficient, versatile, and maintenance free, it will get the job done quicker.


Price: $55.00

A pack of 6 replacement MultiCut blades will typically last most users around 12 months of regular use.  

Price:  $15.50

For the serious brushcutter user, a pack of 50 replacement MultiCut blades is an economical way to go.

Price:   $76.00